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Disk Array

A disk array is a storage system that has multiple disk drives. A disk array is more than just a simple disk enclosure and includes the following features: an array of disk controllers, cache memory, disk attachments, and a power supply.

The disk array has five categories: network attached storage (NAS), an array of network storage area (SAN), monolithic SAN, storage virtualization, and SAN utility. Network Attached Storage arrays have their own Local Area Network (LAN) IP address and provide file-level disk storage access via protocols such as Common Internet File System (CIFS), Network File System (NFS) or usb hard drive data recovery

The second form of the disk array is the storage area of ​​the modular array network. They are different from LANs and wide networks (WANs) and special networks used to connect one or more servers to a storage source. It provides block-level access through the Small Computer … Read more