Home Theatre: What Kind Of TVs Should You Be Looking For?

A 65 inch TV is a machine with a large screen. Televisions receive broadcasting signals and convert them into pictures and sound. During the 30s and 40s, the technology has gradually improved upon, and many households had TV sets. In the 1980s, satellite television shrunk the world, making live feeds from other countries and time zones possible. The new millennium brought the advent of 65 inch TV that is a digital television, which is the future of television.

Nowadays, 65 inch TVs are owned by most people after various brands flooded the market hence the drastic drop in price. They’re now being synchronized with home theatre for better sound effects.

How is the performance of different 65 inch TV? This article is going to cover various brands and review each of them to help you with proper insight before you make a hat buying decision.

1. Samsung – 65″ Class Read more

Importance of Content Delivery Network for Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Cloud Hosting has revolutionised the dynamics of web hosting. If offers businesses to scale server resources from their very own dashboard as per their requirement. Additionally, the reliability and security it achieves are unmatched. There are many Cloud Hosting providers in India. However, it is important to configure the setting in a way that could help your website reap the potential benefits of Cloud Hosting.

One such configuration is making use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What is CDN?

The basic idea behind a CDN is to reduce the time taken by the server to process any requests by the browser. It is a network of servers which is spread across the globe. When a user requests content from a website, it is fetched from the most proximate location, also known as an edge server, thereby reducing the time. This not only decreases loading time but also enhances user … Read more

10 Steps to Secure Your Linux VPS Server

Many site owners with good traffic are now switching to VPS or virtual private server hosting, especially Linux VPS hosting. Although VPS is also available for Windows, Linux OS proves to be more resilient and high-performance driven, which enhances the server functions, and thus, the site experience. It is cost-effective and supports a wide range of applications and coding languages, so you can seamlessly manage your server resources. However, when you have such an efficient resource at your disposal, you also need to ensure its security.

Here are few handy ways to keep your Linux VPS secure.

  1. Change the default login.

When your hosting provider sets up the VPS server with Linux, it usually comes with a standard username and password. These default values are very easy for hackers to crack and violate your system. To ensure safety, we recommend that you change it right away. Also, when setting the … Read more

What You Should Know About Augmented Reality

The past two years or so have made it abundantly clear that augmented reality is going to play a major role in the next decade of consumer technology. For those who aren’t particularly familiar with it just yet, augmented reality (or AR) is like a version of virtual reality that takes place in the real world. While VR takes users completely into simulated environments, AR merely makes interactive visuals appear in the world around us. It’s simpler, on the surface – but we may in fact be in the process of learning that it has more practical applications than VR.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of things you ought to know about the tech moving forward.

Right Now, It Needs Phones

At the moment, AR relies almost entirely on smarphones, and specifically those running on Android and iOS systems. This is because Android and iOS … Read more

What is a Hypervisor? What are the Advantages of Using Hypervisor?

Virtual Private Server Hosting environment, or simply VPS runs on the process of virtualization. And at the foundation of such a process is a technology called Hypervisor. Before we dive deeper into what Hypervisor is and what it can do, it is important to understand the landscape of virtualization.

As the name suggests, Virtualization is the process or the system of creating a ‘virtual’ version of a resource. It could be the server, the desktop, operating system, storage, data, or even the network. Surprisingly, Virtualization has been in existence for decades, but are only enhanced and modified to serve modern hosting and computing needs. Virtualization can be of three types – operating system virtualization, hardware virtualization, and server virtualization.

The process of virtualization transforms the entire process of a traditional hosting system by consolidating workloads and building an entire network of multiple servers on a single physical system. The underlying … Read more